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Nightmare Cinema and Knife + Heart

July 27, 2019

Happy 100th Episode.

True to form, we're talking about two films that draw inspiration from two classic horror tropes, the anthology, and the Giallo.

Nightmare Cinema is an anthology that revolves around a mysterious movie theater with a wicked projectionist played by Mickey Rourke. This might come as a revelation to Rourke, who I'm not sure realized he was making a movie.

Knife + Heart dials back to the heydays of the grisly Italian Giallo, but from a perspective we almost never see.


Intro: 0:00 - 9:40

Name the Movie Game: 9:55 - 17:20

Nightmare Cinema: 17:26 - 53:20

Knife + Heart: 53:26 -  1:49:33